Dirbuster::Parser 0.02 released!

Another module that I mentioned during my presentation at OWASP NYC was Dirbuster::Parser. This modules provides an easy interface to Dirbuster data by parsing the XML output.

Here is an example of using Dirbuster Parser:

my $dpx = new Dirbuster::Parser;
my $parser = $dpx->parse_file('dirbuster.xml');
#a Dirbuster::Parser Object
my @results = $parser->get_all_results();
#an Array of Dirbuster::Parser::Result Objects
foreach my $h ( $parser->get_all_results()) ) {
     print "Type: " . $h->type . "\n";
     print "Path: " . $h->path . "\n";
     print "Response Code: " . $h->response_code . "\n";

Comments, suggestions and patches welcome!


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