NeXpose is a vulnerability management scanner that supports network based services, databases and web applications. I recently uploaded a Perl Module for the Simple XML format. It can be found here at NexposeSimpleXML::Parser on CPAN.

Here is an example of using the module:

my $nxp = new NexposeSimpleXML::Parser;
my $parser = $nxp->parse_file('test1.xml');
# NexposeSimpleXML::Parser Object
my @host = $parser->get_all_hosts();
# Array - NexposeSimpleXML::Parser::Host Objs
my $host1 = $hosts[0];
my @services = $host1->get_all_services();
# Array - NexposeSimpleXML::Parser::Host::Service Objs
my $s1 = $services[0];
my @vulns = $host1->get_all_vulnerabilities();
# Array - NexposeSimpleXML::Parser::Vulnerabilities Objs
# for the host OS.
@vulns = $s1->get_all_vulnerabilities();
# Array - NexposeSimpleXML::Parser::Vulnerabilities Objs
# for this service.
my $vuln1 = $vulnerabilities[0];
my @refs = $vuln1->get_all_references();
# Array - NexposeSimpleXML::Parser::References Objs
# for this specific vulnerability.

A free community edition of NeXpose is available at:

Let me know what you think. This module was written 100% in the air on my way home from Vegas…. Just sayin…


One Response to NexposeSimpleXML::Parser

  1. Mark says:

    How’d you know I was looking for this? “Just sayin'”

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